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As a musician with 18+ years experience, FoolBoy has gigged as a drummer, guitarist, bassist and even roadie’d for a time, as far as Europe. After hanging the rock star status in a storage cupboard in an abandoned building in recent years, FoolBoy has got back to his roots, creating computer music.


With more recent works featuring on national Television, Cable, several super viral videos, indie games, indie movies and even in a French Blockbuster movie! He is a regular contributor to the project, making sounds available for all walks of media, including Smartphone apps, podcasts, YouTube videos, MMORPGs, Indie Developers & film makers to name just a few! With over 55k+ downloads he must be doing something right (although he wouldn’t admit to that!).

When he’s not writing, creating or capturing the curious sounds that fascinate him, you can find him chillin’ with his best bud Bailey (who just happens to be his mascot too), asking “Are you a good boy!??” for the bazillionth time! Not to forget getting stuck in to the latest videogames on PC, Xbox or 3DS, he is rarely found without some kind of gaming paraphernalia in one or both hands.

He is currently working on a super awesome project, which is kinda hush at the moment, but will tickle the eardrums of anyone with a horror movie lust!

You should check out his current works, which are free to use for the most part. If you need them for commercial use, drop him a line and I’m sure he will be happy to come to an agreeable arrangement.

Stay Foolish ;)

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