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The Demon's Waltz

Becca, a private investigator, is hired to look into the origins of a viral TikTok Challenge that has haunted and caused the deaths of several people. The deeper she digs into the mystery, the more she realizes there is a very real evil lurking behind the scenes.

Had a blast with this one. Although, so many things I want to go back and change. This experience has opened up my eyes to so much, I plan to revisit this one for personal development. 

Ryan is a great writer, director and producer and very inspiring, I can't wait to work alongside him on one of his future productions!

First credit on IMDB too as a composer!

Where Demons Dwell : Girl in the cornfield 2

(Sorry, couldnt find a sharper image)


Having been approached by the director Ryan Callaway, I had agreed to come up with some suspense inducing music. Having already created a piece that Ryan had liked, you can hear this in the opening scene, plus one or two others throughout the movie.


I watched the first of this saga last year, enjoyed it immensely and was delighted to of been approached for doing something on this film.


It may look low budget, but the cast was well sourced and kept the flow of the story going well. Very atmospheric and emotional in parts, theres a lot to get in to and makes for a thrilling watch.


You can see all of Ryans work on his IMDB profile page and be sure to check out some of his other work while you're there.


Leading on from Bionic Battle Mutants, I was put forward to "audition" some of my work at the chance of creating music and sound effects for the brain training games experts at Memorado.


Having ticked all the right boxes, we got down to business. This was an immersive and challenging project which I absolutely loved. I could quite happily spend my days working on projects like this, so if you're reading this and have experienced Memorado in App or web page form, I'd love to hear from you ;)

Bionic Battle Mutants


This one is just fresh out of the oven as of the end of November 2014. Had the pleasure of working with the guys from Monkeynetics on their browser based tactical MMO game Bionic Battle Mutants. 


Blending old school vibes with a modern twist to bring a nostalgia inducing and rewarding game, having played it behind the scenes, it was already awesome, but witnessing it develop and grow from the point I got on board, it has got even better. 


Really excited and chuffed to of been a part of this (and possibly again in the future ;) ), bias aside, I think those growing up as PC gamers will appreciate and relish in playing this, so keep your eyes peeled for the link to the game once all is done and dusted with the publishers!

Un Illustre Inconnu


Well, I have to admit, this one took a while to come to fruition. Which was mainly due to paperwork being sent back and forth.  For me it was a journey in understanding how the cogs turn in the industry and my first dealing with organising Sync/master licenses and delving into a world which was not apparent on the surface.


Anyhoo, a track I made called "Acid Lounge" was lucky enough to be chosen by the media folks dealing with the music for the film way back in February/March of this year.


I will be in the credits as myself (David J Ferguson) as at the time it seemed to make sense, however, I'm feeling that it may of done FoolBoyMedia more justice, but I do not grumble! Super excited, thankful and lucky to of had anything of mine be featured at this scale.


The movie is due out on November 19th of this year (2014), I have also made a Facebook page for myself (just to be able to claim that it is infact me ;) hehe).


More in the pipeline, so check back soon for more (not so) interesting tales from the crypt.

Duck Duck Go Timer Notification is a sophisticated search engine that doesn't believe in retaining user information and using it to bombard you with targeted advertising.  


An inspiring group of guys and even cooler search engine, that should be everyones new go to search engine.

They used a notification sound of mine on their built in timer found - Here

Haunted House

I enjoyed this one alot as well. Had to come up with a jaunty halloween/haunted house inspired theme tune for both the exterior and interior camera runs, throwing in a couple of SFX too.


Underneath the grittiest of exteriors, can lie a peaceful and harmonious thinker, albeit with a more dark and sinister side. Reflecting this with the interior theme and adding in a sinister laugh when we close in on the owner in his slumber in the basement. 


Sounds from Freesound Users :

Thunder - NicStage 

Gate Open - SoundMary

Door Slam - Bsumusictech

Evil Laugh - Klankbeeld

The Clans - Cursed Souls


Latet public version. 


Indie Game Maker 2014 contest entry's demo version. Finished version will be uploaded at the later date.

“Lilith lived so long that her heart turned to stone. She never loved anybody and didn’t care about nobody. Oh Lilith, why you killed that stranger they wonder, as your teeth were soaked in the blood of wonders.” – Legend of Lilith Bloodrose
The Supreme Clans Entertainment presents...

...a game made by Clord & Blood-Fury…

...which is based on Kingdom The Clans universe.


Wild Waters Rafting Co.


Promo Vid. 


Experience the most epic rafting adventure in World on the Shubenacadie River.  Raft the powerful  natural phenomenon as it develops before your very eyes. The river changes direction suddenly with a tsunami style wave named the “Tidal Bore”,  which is quickly followed by a massive flood of ocean water,  creating large tidal rapids. Watch as the tranquility of Nova Scotia’s largest river transforms into a ragging beast. No regular white water river can compare to the power of the Fundy tide as it blasts up the Shubenacadie river. 




Get the app here


Tymer is a simple countdown timer with gestural controls that enables unlimited timers with editable labels.

Whether you’re cooking one or more dishes or just trying to keep time on multiple tasks, use tymer to keep you on track.

Compatible for both the iPhone and iPad. 


Crazy Catnip.

This is how it all started. Earlier this year my good friend Andy Xelby asked me to help provide him with some SFX and music for his animation project.  


This was the outcome. First attempt at writing music and recording SFX for this style of project.  A little rough around the edges looking back now, but the process is fun and a great challenge.



Rosh Timer

Dota 2 enthusiast? Then you need to check out the Rosh timer from Fabianofa at featuring a FoolBoyMedia notification sound.


Rosh Timer is a free app to keep track of Roshan's respawn countdown including two differents timers with minimum and maximum time until Rosh respawn. It also keeps track of Rosh's death counts. It also plays a sound notification when each timer reaches zero, so you can remember to look to Roshan's lair.


This app is open-sourced and you can contribute by forking the projects at GitHub.



You can find more projects that people have used my works in on YouTube.

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