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FoolBoyMedia track to be used in French Blockbuster "Illustre Inconnu", coming November 2014

This one has been simmering gently in the background for a while and getting ready to chase the people holding this up (not the media companies involved, but it does rhyme with fax ham). got in touch to use a track named "Acid Lounge" near the beginning of the year and I agreed to their proposal to use it for a club scene in the movie. Paper work has been sent back and forth and just waiting on some of that paperwork to be returned and all is a go!

Really (pee-in-my-pants-while-high-on-skittles-riding-the-rainbow) excited about this as it is something I could never of imagined coming true in such a short space of time since launching FoolBoyMedia, although the dream has been a long time in coming!

I won't bore you with my impish excitement for too much longer but you can find out all about the movie below. The trailer has not long been released and allready it looks to be shaping up as a pretty dark and epic French blockbuster, I'll just need to wait for the CC'd DVD when it comes out :(.

A teaser trailer and translated clip from the synopsis on Premier.Fr below.

"Nicolas Sebastien has always wanted to be someone else. But he never had any imagination. Then it copies. He observes, follows then mimics the people he meets. It passes through their lives. But some travel is no return."


I will update soon on how the paperwork is going and when all is finally settled. Edge of the seat and squeaky bum time with regards to cutting it extra fine!

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