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FoolBoyMedia Goes Viral!

You may have seen this doing the rounds, so far I have seen it featured on 9Gag (personal achievment complete), then BBC, Reuters and even! "What are you talking about!??" I hear you mutter.

Well, the video in question is Zombie Chat Roulette. An interactive project, born from the mind of David M Reynolds, involving his team at Realm Pictures, plus the awesome extras he enrolled to play as the flesh-hungry zombies. My involvement was minimal but still pretty awesome. I received an email from David saying he had used a track in an interactive project that was for non-commercial use and was posting the following day, as background music in an action based game. He gave very little else, but I was intrigued and said he would be posting the video soon and to keep an eye on it.

The following day, maybe around lunchtime, I was browsing 9Gag when I spotted a viral video about a zombie interactive game, watched it and something clicked. Checked the more section and see my name in there in the form of a credit. By the time I looked back at the view count, it had hit nearly 200k views! I was overly excited for having such a small part in it, but after messaging David back to congratulate him on the view count, he himself couldnt quite believe it. After telling some friends and watching it a few times it was up to about 5 Million+ views, I think its around 8.5 million now!

While not an overly exciting blog post, I am proud to of had a small part to play in a viral video (this being the second now), the first one was Sci-Fi style background music for MIB Prank by Jay Karls Pranks (was Prank Channel).

Here's to future viral videos!

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