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Bad Robots Indeed.

A funny tale about how a creation of mine ended up on national TV, Bad Robots indeed!

It was late one night, heading to bed, flicking through the channels and resort to the old faithful channel E4, Rude Tube was up next, animal special, my favourite kind. Caught the end of the 1st episode of the new series of Bad Robots. A program where they replace real life services with robots, that seem to have an attitude, sick of always doing what they are told and its time they got payback!

This particular scenario was several people doing some kind of made up medical test, sticking tampons up their nose, for gesture and sound recognition. When they said or did the right thing (according to the test), a notification sound would go off. It went off 3 times before I thought there was something familiar about that sound. Went to my profile and learn that they kindly borrowed an original creation of mine for a notification sound.

I emailed the production company and the team could not of been any nicer or understanding. Seems that one of the junior sound guys made a boob. I wasn't angry or upset, just pretty stoked to of been featured on national TV, even if by accident. I ended up speaking with the producer and we had a good chat and came to a mutual agreement. Wasn't expecting an argument or anything bad like that, but I wasn't expecting to get to the bottom of it as quickly and smoothly with a happy ending for everyone.

You can find the sound in question here -

Couldn't find the clip of it in use, so you'll need to watch the show ;) (I wasn't paid to say that :P)

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