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FoolBoyMedia meets Ted from RaptorCow on the Boss Battle Gamecast!

**ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED** - 100G - Get interviewed on an awesome Podcast show!

This has been one of those secret wishes I've always longed for. It may sound a little egotistical (but who isnt huh?), but this has became my highlight since FoolBoyMedia's birth into the great beyond of the internets! Interviewed by Ed *ahem* I mean Ted! (I was nervous ok), of RaptorCow, we get into games, from the ones that got us in to gaming, all the way to the Nintendo Switch! Also, we talk about lil old me and how FoolBoyMedia came to be and where it's currently heading.

You can get hold of the episodes by any of the means below, and be sure to stop by for some more insanely awesome content. Ranging from Cheeseburgers, to Games Development, to getting ripped at the gym and tonnes more entertainment across the board. It's not your average Podcast, so best get trackers for your socks, cause they 'bout to get blown the heck off!

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