Anti-Social Media Experiment

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This one is more of a log for my own development, trying to set goals and see the effects, but you are more than welcome to read on as I explain my plan and what I hope to achieve with my “experiment”, including some of the reasons behind it.

So, of late I have been sitting on the bus and paying more attention to the stuff going on around me. It came to me, I was too tired to sit on my phone, or even bring myself to read when I looked around at the other passengers (just casually looking ahead and noticing what I could see, without making myself look creepy in the process). Noticing that others are flicking through their phones, mostly aimlessly or waiting on someone messaging them back. I see one dude, flicking through Facebook, not for any purpose, and was doing just that. Flicking through, waiting for something to jump out and grab his attention, several minutes into it, he gives in, then within a minute, he’s back at it. I saw myself in this observation and for the first time, it worried me. Having been feeling a bit glum of late, I find myself distracting myself with social media, with no purpose.

We all get that way, I am by no means different. But what I realise is that I am giving precious time to complete nonsense. To some dude named Zuckerberg, Mr I. N. Stagram and fucking about with daft Snapchat filters, taking pictures I can’t bear to send, but save so that I can enjoy a giggle at my own expense or show the Mrs. While, when I put the phone away, my subconscious mind is pulling me back, because the distraction seems better than reality. Transpose across a country/world full of likeminded people, and you’re part of the freaking Social Zombie Apocalypse! You’ve seen the artwork (Thank you Mr Cutts), mindless zombies, faces lit up with the vibrant glow of a £500+ device screen, as they shuffle to and from work, sit in social gatherings, in a group, but all individually absent from their surroundings. Well “Social Media", it’s time I claimed my own mind back thank you very muchly! I propose to start small and work from there. I am making a stand against this “Social Zombie” movement and against myself, for the ideal can only exist if I give it the power. If you are reading this on Social Media, I appreciate the irony, but I have set my blog up to post via Faceyb, Twotter and Insta, automatically, in the hopes you can see for yourself.

My Goal : Get back in touch with what inspires me, using said inspiration to devote more energy to doing more useful things for my family. Secondly to get back to what gets my creativity ticking, substituting “social media” for reading news from the source I.E not from some second hand, third party vendors that only shares for the likes and views on those shitely made websites that do nothing but break up stories in to separate pages and you have to click “NEXT PAGE”, while you get redirected to some even shiter, malware laced, HTML hovel.

I also plan on reading more books (like getting through all the Terry Pratchett books I’ve been collecting over the past few years, from the beginning to end). Getting back to what I enjoy about music the most, which is sitting down with my acoustic, or sitting in front of the keyboard and playing what comes to mind or learning that cool song I heard earlier in the day, the week, the month or even the yyyeeaaaarrr …I’ll be there fo…Ahem, sorry about that, was feeling lyrical (see it’s working already!). You get the gist, ditch social media, become better connected with oneself. Simple in theory, but lets see how the practical goes.

The first step in the overall plan of weaning off social media. Go one weekend without logging in to Facebook and my first proper piece of action to take is to remove Facebook off of my phone *Gets phone…fumbles with iOS' 3D touch to delete FB, manages on 3rd attempt* there, done!

Now the hard part, stay off for the weekend! My aim is to get back on Monday morning, and take note of anything I may have missed. I will of course still have my phone at hand, for gaming and reading eBooks and other non main social media apps. I'm not ready for total electronic cold turkey just yet.

Tune in here for my findings and the next projected goal in my “Anti-Social Media” experiment! In the meantime, put down your phone and look up, rub your neck and take the dog, cat, rat, rabbit or snail for a walk, and let yourself get back to the good times before this Bebo, Facey B, Twotter nonsense! (and no, I dont mean MSN, AOL, Yahoo or ICQ), ditcht the digital middle man and speak to real people about real things you've seen and not on FB, I dare you!

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