4 Days Off, From Chasing The Social Media Dragon(s)

Well, its Tuesday now, still haven’t been back on Facebook. My overall feelings…..pretty good actually. I was expecting something a little more dramatic, but I have definitely noticed a positive difference. A small rewarding feeling of exercising some self-control to begin with. To look a little deeper, I’ve been more attentive to my surroundings and sought better sources for my information i.e. (I even learned that i.e. is an abbreviation of the Latin phrase "Id Est", which means “that is”, followed by the example. I am so smrt *ahem* I mean SMART) going to news websites directly, and not getting caught up in the cesspool of trolls on every article comment section on FB, then turning my attention away from the phone altogether. Feels like I’ve reclaimed a part of myself, as dramatic as that may sound.

My turning point and confirmation that this was a good idea, and what will work as the catalyst to keep off of Facebook. The turning point, coming in the form of an email from the Suckaberg-Profile-Surveillance-Bot, approximately 55 and a half hours on from when I was last logged in to FB. If you were paranoid of being under surveillance while using FB, let me clear that up for you, YOUR ACTIVITY IS BEING MONITORED ON FACEBOOK.

No Mark, I haven’t accidentally forgotten to log on, I’ve deliberately decided to turn my back on you for the betterment of humanity. The fact that there is a bot that Marky-Mark has designed to monitor your activity, or in this case non-activity, is a little worrying. Yeah it’s his ball, therefore his game, but we all use this thing and forget that it knows far too much about us. I digress, a little too full on I feel for this (unofficially) family friendly blog, and time of day to boot, I must be hungry, as its not even lunchtime yet, I get philosophically distressed when I am hungry, apologies.

So the little Suckaberg doesn’t like it when you don’t log in to FB!?? I love the style in how it reminds you what you’ve “missed” in what felt like a passive aggressive manner. Let’s see how long before I get another one. Would love to see his wee face if thousands of people just started ignoring FB, see him fly in to a spoiled brat fit and the monetary implications, banging on the inside of his cranium like coked up, drunk and shit out of luck business men.

Ignorance is power in this situation…OK, I might be getting a bit overly ambitious with this theory, but how awesome would that be. FB used to be a cool place, but its swamped with targeted ads and is painfully repetitive with all the bullshit stories flying around. Bill Hicks would have a fucking field day, no, field year more like, with the amount of shit we choose to put up with. So let’s tone it back a notch or two, before I go all holier than thou. I’ve only not been on FB for 4 days and already getting a bit ahead of myself.

Let’s note the other benefits. I have started reading through my eBooks that I bought ages ago and never read through, reading more on the things that I choose, rather than selecting from the stories pre-loaded “for me” ( I may have used that “ “ wrong, but I’m sticking with it). Felt more productive, not having the apps has helped reduce the amount of time on my phone, while the phone itself still serves as a distraction, I try and make the distractions more useful I.e. (see what I did there) reading about things that personally interest me and my partner. Spending a few extra minutes paying attention to my dog as well, he usually comes and nudges the phone out of my hand when he wants attention, but this time I went and nudged his toy from him cause I want attention!

So let’s put a pin in this for now, we will see what Friday brings, and see if young Suckaberg gets more aggressive in his campaign to get me back on to FB. Feel free to share your comments and thoughts on FB, Twotter, Insta or Snappy Chay cause I won’t be reading ‘em any time soon :P

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