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I should maybe use this…

Hello wonderful world.

Do people even write blogs anymore? Or better yet, read them?

Thank you wandering stranger, for giving a moment of your attention. I won’t keep you long.

FoolBoyMedia is due for a rebranding, a new stylised icon to stick in your minds eye and something that will be a bit more colourful and attention worthy. So please keep an eye out, or better yet, please poke me in the ribs in the middle of the night, when I am at my most relaxed and remind me if I haven’t done anything about it in the next month or so (more of a mental note really).

As FoolBoyMedia has passively (and has been known to sometimes have actively) progressed in these 7 years, it is important to take stock of your journey and make sure you’re still going in the right direction, maybe plot some waypoints and adjust the end goal. Appreciate some of those tough climbs and knee grazing scrapes. But the beauty is always in the journey itself. Its not a journey if it’s all a wee leisurely stroll around the flat and level park. C’est Dynamique? …it bloody well better be, bub!

To you kind stranger, how is your musical

journey developing? Are you further along than you’d hoped or do you feel a bit miffed on what to do at the moment? Don’t worry, I still experience these questions too and over the coming days, weeks, months and years, I hope to save someone some time, to offer wisdom, to share experience or even ignite that fabled feeling of hope for the future (sometimes, even including nice pictures and diagrams).

While we may only feature for a hemidemisemiquaver, in this score called life, let’s make it a fun and exciting one!


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